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Maritime crafts and demonstrations

Watch all sorts of demonstrations at the Maritime Festival on South Quay from arts and crafts to high energy jet ski acrobatics in the river.

Jetski Display team

DJR Freestyle Jetski Display team

Further to am amazing preformance in the river last year, the DJR Freestyle Jetski Display team are making a return to the festival in 2016. 

Crowds were absolutely wowed by their amazing aerobatics on their jetskis in the river last September, with water-based stunts ranging from backflips and barrell rolls to submarines and fountains.

The team will also be on hand to talk about the engines, routines and nature of the sport on the quay when not ont he water. See the souvenir guide for performance times. 

Maritime masterpieces

Ernie Childs

Come along to the demonstration marquee and see Ernie Childs from Great Yarmouth Potteries and Smoke House paint a maritime-themed masterpiece in oil over the two-day Maritime Festival. 

Ernie relies on all sorts of memories of growing up on the fish wharf in Great Yarmouth to inspire him for his paintings, and is happy to talk about local history based on his personal knowledge. 

Gansey knitting and lacemaking

Lace making

Back in the day, no sailor left home without his gansey, a traditional tightly knitted jumper bearing the distinctive pattern of a particualr village ensuring that any sailors lost at sea could be identified and returned to their home port.

Find out more about ganseys and the traditional arts of spinning and lace making in the demonstration marquee. 

Watch all sorts of demonstrations at the Maritime Festival

A wide range of different maritime related skills and crafts will be on display for visitors to the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival to find out all about.

Watch out for the Norfolk Ninja Knitters who have been set a challenge to yarn bomb the site in a maritime manner! What will they do? Find out more about their knitting enthusiasm and join in a knitting workshop in their marquee. They will teach you how to knit a square and then join them all together to yarn-bomb a boat ....

Think rubbish skips aren't that pretty? Think again! Artist Mik Richardson will be painting a maritime themed skip over the course of the festival and turning something very utilitarian into a work of art.

Have a go at an important maritime skill - used throughout time and even today in modern shipping times. Des Pawson from Footrope Knots is one of the world's leading authorities on knots and sailors' ropework. Find out more in the demonstrators marquee. 

Ernie Childs is a well-known figure in Great Yarmouth, famous for fantastic seascapes and pottery from Great Yarmouth Potteries and Smoke House. He will be painting another Maritime Festival masterpiece over the two days of the festival and happy to answer questions about painting, local heritage and pottery.


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