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Ships and boats to go aboard at the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival

The Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area Ltd is delighted to announce that visitors can go aboard several ships at this year's Maritime Festival.

The Earl of Pembroke will be open from 10am on both days for visitors to go aboard. Tickets will cost £3 for adults and £2 for children aged 5-16. A family ticket for 5 people (2 adults max) can be bought at the ticket booth. 

The Regal Lady has unfortunately been unable to make the trip from Scarborough.  

The Esvagt will be open from 10.25am on Saturday and 10.15am on Sunday. Entrance is by a pre-booked guided tour only, with places limited to 12 people per tour. Tours will last around 25 minutes. The Esvagt is now fully booked. 

Unfortunately none of the ships to go aboard are suitable for wheelchair access this year. 

In previous years we've welcomed into port the Artemis, the Mercedes, The Jubilee Sailing Trust's Lord Nelson, the Grand Turk, the Götheborg and the Tug Challenge as well as a range of traditional Wherries and other ships.

Please note, if you are coming to the festival in a wheelchair, we recommend that you use the Middle Gate opposite Nottingham Way or the South Gate to enter the Maritime Festival. Historic South Quay features a lengthy stretch of cobblestones shortly after the entrance at North Gate which can be a little bit tricky and somewhat uncomfortable for some wheelchair users to navigate.

Earl of Pembroke

Earl of Pembroke

The Earl of Pembroke began life in 1945 in Pukavik in Sweden as the ‘Orion’, a wooden schooner, designed and built by Albert Svenson, a local ship builder. As one of the last sailing ships hauling wood on the Baltic sea, she was used for decades until she retired in 1947 and was laid up in Thistead in Denmark. 

Robin Davies and the Square Sail Shipyard bought the vessel in 1979 and began restoration in 1985. Due to the restoration work undertaken and as the rig was changed from the original Schooner to her current three-masted barque rig, the ship began to resemble the legendary 18th century ship ‘HMS Endeavour’, the ship on which Captain Cook journeyed to Australia through the Pacific ocean.

When the ship was finally reborn in England in 1994 as a beautiful square-rigger, it was renamed the Earl of Pembroke, the former name of Captain Cook’s ship. The Earl of Pembroke took to the high seas and became a film and television star, featuring in a long list of small and big screen projects.

Go onboard at the festival! Buy your tickets on site - cash only!

Esvagt Njord SOV

Esvagt SOV

The Service Operation Vessel (SOV) from Esvagt is a purpose-built ship to service the Statoil Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm.

ESVAGT SOV’s are the first dedicated offshore wind service operations vessel of their kind, providing comfortable accommodation, storage for small turbine parts, workshops, conference room and offices. Technicians, tools and spare parts are transferred from the mother vessel to offshore turbines by a unique combination of cranes, lifts, a walk-to-work gangway and safe transfer boat.

The vessel is 83.7m long and 17.6m wide. She will go into service in September 2016 and will call into port in Great Yarmouth every 2 weeks for a technician crew change and to re-provision.

The crew look forward to welcoming festival visitors on board the Esvagt Njord SOV and also at the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm stand in the Sponsor's Marquee.

Go onboard at the festival! Ticket holders only - NOW SOLD OUT. 

HMS Trumpeter

HMS Trumpeter

HMS TRUMPETER is an Archer-class P2000 patrol. She was built by Vosper Thornycroft and commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1988.

Currently based in Ipswich, her primary role is as a training vessel for the Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit (URNU), which aims to broaden Naval understanding and develop undergraduates who show potential to become the leaders of tomorrow, through maritime experience and exposure to the values and ethos of the Royal Navy.

Previous to Cambridge, she was associated with Bristol URNU and served in the Gibraltar Squadron in the 1990s. In addition to her URNU mission, TRUMPETER also undertakes wider tasking for the fleet, such as in 2012 when she attended the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames and the Battle of Jutland Commemorations in Orkney earlier this year.

We are delighted that as part of her wider tasking, HMS TRUMPETER will be attending the Maritime vessel and aims to allow visitors the chance to go onboard.

The Lydia Eva

Lydia Eva

Built in King's Lynn in 1930 and based in Great Yarmouth, Lydia Eva fished for Silver Darlings along the East Coast and North Sea for nine years until herring stocks declined!

The Royal Air Force brought her in 1939, using her in a variety of roles including salvage during the Second World War until she was laid up in 1969.

She was bought by the Maritime Trust in 1971/2 and restored as a floating museum in Great Yarmouth.

Lydia Eva joined the Maritime Trust's national collection of vessels in St. Katherine's Dock in London in 1986 but was laid up again in 1990.

She eventually returned to East Anglia when the Lydia Eva Charitable Trust Ltd was formed and opened as a museum. The Trust leases the ship and shares her between the ports of Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

Go onboard at the festival!

Watch this space for more ship news!

We're delighted to have the movie-star ship, the Earl of Pembroke and the brand-new Esvagt service operation vessel for visitors to go on board this year at the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival, as well as the Regal Lady pleasure cruiser which will be taking visitors for a river cruise. 

We're extremely excited that the Esvagt service operation vessel will be visiting the festival just days after her naming ceremony. For the first time in the history of the festival, vistors will be able to go onboard this very special service ship and get to see first-hand what life is like for technicians and crew who work off-shore and make one of these ships their home for months at a time.

Tall ship Earl of Pembroke will also be a star attraction for visitors to go aboard and explore. This impressive tall ship is more than 80 years old and is well worth the trip up the gang way for a look inside. 

Wheelchair access

Please note, if you are coming to the festival in a wheelchair, we recommend that you use the Middle Gate opposite Nottingham Way or the South Gate to enter the Maritime Festival. Historic South Quay features a lengthy stretch of cobblestones shortly after the entrance at North Gate which can be a little bit tricky and somewhat uncomfortable for some wheelchair users to navigate.

Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to any of the ships to go aboard this year. 


The Maritime Festival committee understands that whilst those ships and boats who advise the Maritime Festival of their intention to attend the festival do so in good faith, occasionally, usually due to weather conditions or sudden work committments they are unable to do so.
Information about ships and boats who have said they will attend is correct at the time of the Maritime Festival Souvenir Guide going to press approximately 10 days prior to the festival, however cannot be guaranteed.
This website will be updated with the most current information available about visiting ships and boats as soon as is practical. 


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