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The Rows and Scores Projects

Scores Research

As part of the GYPT led Scores Project we have come to the end of 9 weeks of research activities ending with a private casual exhibition for volunteers to share their research between each other and individuals and organisations that have helped over the 9 weeks. This was also a thank you to all the volunteers and everybody who has helped with the project.

The project has seen volunteers take part in talks and walks led by local authors and historians David Butcher and Ivan Bunn, visits to the Lowestoft Museum, Suffolk Archives - Lowestoft Branch, support by Janis Kirby and Sue Barnard, Oral History Training by John Stannard and support by the team at the Heritage Workshop Centre on Wilde's Score. Some of the volunteers are to carry on with supporting the project in helping to develop display material to be used in a exhibition about the scores during the Heritage Open Days in September and are planning to visit the Maritime Musuem as a group in the coming weeks.

This has mirrored the Rows - Research Project where we had 9 weeks of activities including visits to the Time and Tide Museum, English Heritage Row Houses, Gt Yarmouth library archives tour. There was also the support of the archives volunteers Izy and Graham, Norfolk Record Office visit and tour behind the scenes, Oral History training with Colin Stott from the Norfolk Museums Service, support of local authors and historians Colin Tooke and Paul Godfrey, a talk by Michael Teun and support of Anna and her team at Great Yarmouth Library. Ending in a private sharing exhibition in December 2019.

Again some of the volunteers have enjoyed carrying on in supporting the project through continuing their research activities, doing some rows walks, attending a Echoes Walking Trail App workshop led by Alice Taylor of Sunrise Coast Heritage Guild, recording oral histories and offering their ideas to the project. Special thanks to Steve Smith who has done a fantastic job in helping to build up a devoted Rows Facebook Page which has attracted many followers showing a keen interest in the rows.

Both projects have supported volunteers with varying experience of research and local knowledge. The projects have brought together like minded people some of which were new to research and has provided a base from which to develope knowledge and skils in research through locating information and sharing.

Published on 3rd April 2019.